Parents Can Monitor

Their child performance

Faculties Can Conduct Class Test Online

Increase your efficiency for conducting exam by up to 90%.

Of Students prefer apps to mobile-ready portals
The Future of Student Engagement is Apps
Increased student engagement
with SkyEdu App


During the craziness of orientation, Skyedu quickly connects your students to campus and to each other.

College Career

The platform encourages continued involvement by putting every single event at your students' fingertips.


Skyedu adapts to changing interests all the way through graduation and even allows you to engage alumni.

Five Key Benefits of SkyEdu


Calendars, Programs, and Events


Communication and Online Resources


Student and Administrative Processes


People and Groups


Student Involvement and Success

Build a Community

The traditional college experience is transforming and increasingly, institutions need a way to engage non-traditional populations. SkyEdu’s web-hosted platform creates an online community for your campus, with tools to improve communication, information sharing, collaboration and reporting, whether your students are on campus or online. SkyEdu is accessible from any computer or smartphone, empowering students to discover programs and organizations on campus that spark their interest; communicate with members via news posts, discussions, emails and SMS; and easily manage their co-curricular involvement from anywhere, at any time.

All in One - SkyEdu



SkyEdu student allows institutions to deliver information and services to their students via any device. With a range of integrations with key university systems such as timetable, LMS, PC availability and Library Services, your students will be able to access the services they need whenever they need them.



SkyEdu Enterprise allows institutions to provide each student with a unique, personal experience.

From prospect through to Alumni and beyond, every member of the university community benefits from an experience as individual as they are.

All in One - SkyEdu


SkyEdu Really Can

Drive student engagement
to unpreceddented level